If you love to spend time with children and have always dreamed of becoming a teacher, a career in 小学教育 could be 你打电话! At 澳门网上赌城网址大全, you'll have the unique opportunity to earn an 认证 本科以上学历 双学位 在基础教育和 圣经/神学.

By studying 小学教育 at a Christian college, 你会学到精神上的, 情感, and social stability and maturity. These skills will enable you to teach children effectively and responsibly in Christian schools, 公立学校, 或自主学习 settings—in the United States or abroad.



澳门网上赌城网址大全, prospective teachers are equipped to become excellent educators through a carefully balanced and integrated sequence of courses and classes.


  • personalized attention in small class settings
  • instruction from highly-qualified and experienced faculty
  • valuable feedback on your teaching abilities (from faculty, peer, and self-evaluations)
  • 观察的机会, 协助, and teach in multiple classroom settings, including Christian schools and 公立学校
  • a student teaching experience in an 认证 Christian school

澳门网上赌城网址大全 has earned national accreditation through the Council for 认证 of Educator Preparation (CAEP) by demonstrating excellence in the areas of content and pedagogy, 临床经验, 选择性, 项目的影响, and capacity for continuous improvement.

澳门网上赌城网址大全's 小学教育 major also has approved program status and 认证:

  • 西维吉尼亚州 Department of Education (WVDE)
  • American Association of Christian Schools (AACS)
  • Association of Christian Schools 国际(ACSI)


夫人. Aimee Stiles - Chair of the 小学教育 Major

夫人. Aimee Stiles - 小学教育 Chair

Teachers are entrusted with the high privilege of training children.

At 澳门网上赌城网址大全, we first train the teacher's heart in the Word of God and a Biblical philosophy of 教育. 然后我们给他装备 or her with the tools required to be an excellent servant in the classroom.

当流苏转动的时候, 小学教育 students embrace teaching as a sacred calling from God.



You can choose between two different certification tracks. 的录取和要求 这两个 轨道包括以下内容:
  • 实践® 通过核心
  • C grade or above in courses: English Composition I & II, Speech, Foundations of Education, Testing & 课程
  • Completion of Classroom Field Studies I & II, Spiritual Inventories, Interview with 小学教育 Advisor
  • ePortfolio是最新的
  • Successful completion of student teaching, including the WV Teacher Performance Assessment
Based on the track you choose, you will have additional requirements:
  1. Single Track 认证: American Association of Christian Schools (AACS) and Association of Christian Schools 国际(ACSI)
    • 累积绩点:2.5 for acceptance into the 小学教育 program and 2.毕业时0分
  2. Dual Track 认证: Both AACS/ACSI and 西维吉尼亚州 state certification
    • 累积绩点:3.0 for acceptance into the 小学教育 program and 2.5 .毕业时
    • ACT/SAT第50百分位
    • WV Student Teaching Permit; state background check
    • 实践&® 二、内容知识 & 教学阅读通过
    • Verification of 200+ public school field hours


Requirements for licensure vary from state to state. 澳门网上赌城网址大全’s educator preparation program is aligned with licensing requirements 在西弗吉尼亚州. If you are interested in professional licensure and intend to practice outside 西维吉尼亚州, 和合适的 国家许可机构.

States for which 澳门网上赌城网址大全's educator preparation program meets the 教育al requirements for licensure or certification:

  • 西维吉尼亚州

澳门网上赌城网址大全 has not determined if its educator preparation program meets the 教育al requirements for licensure or certification in any state other than 西维吉尼亚州. 指 这个网站 作为一般的指导方针.



On average, elementary school teachers spend 1,000 hours per school year with their students, which means that your job and career will give you the opportunity to have a profound impact on children's 生活. A bachelor's degree in 小学教育 can serve as the foundation for a lifelong ministry in 教育.


A bachelor's degree in 小学教育 gives you the opportunity to:

  • teach in Christian and 公立学校
  • 国外任教
  • 通过家庭教育进行教学
  • teach in cross-cultural missions

目标 & 结果

你将接受……方面的培训。 导致……
Child development and learning theory the ability to design instruction that is 这两个 age-appropriate and strategy-appropriate.
Content in core and supplemental elementary school subjects a knowledge base that allows for confident teaching.
The practical skills integral to the art of teaching creative planning and presentation, as well as effective remediation and enrichment.
Bible and Theology as a basis for a comprehensive Biblical worldview giving God His rightful place in every academic area.
Christ-likeness as a role model for children the power to impact students spiritually, 情感ly, and socially.